Saturday, November 12, 2011

comparison of deep purples/blues

About 2 weeks ago, during Sephora's Friends & Family, I got Nails Inc.'s Belagrave Place.  Of course, I swatched it immediately & then was thoroughly dissapointed because I thought it looked a lot like another polish I have.  So, I went to my stash, found Zoya's Pinta & painted a stripe to compare. Very Similar. So today, for you I have comparison pictures of the two.

Pinky finger is Pinta; Ring finger is Belagrave Place.
Pinta -                  - a dark, rich purple "eggplant" purple in color,
                            - thicker consistency when compared to BP
                            - so dark that at an arms length, it looks like black unless you're either a polish addict or right under light.

Belagrave Place -  thinner,
                            - streaker on first 2 coats
                            -  still purple, but definitely more blue;  though dark, even a regular person (read: non polish addict) can see that it's a blue, not black.
Both seem to dry at the same pace - I'll update with information about the wear of the polish.

You may also note the middle finger and the pointer/index finger.
Those two are Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle and Nars Midnight Express.  These are near dupes of eachother when each is painted with 3 coats, before & after that - very different.

RBL Recycle -   - a true, deep blue
                           - stays blue with 3rd and subsequent coats
                           - Smoother application, looks okay after 2 coats, but gets on cuticles easier
                           - takes longer to dry (a cream)

NARS Midnight Express - a tealy blue until 3rd coat (where it becomes near dupe to RBL, just darker),
                         - leans towards black the more coats you add, so dark if even applied "a normal person" would have a hard time telling it's blue (@ 4 coats)
                          - streaky as all get out on coats #1 and #2 - straight up looks like crapy
                          - faster drying (a jelly)


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