Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ellis faas - creamy lips L201

I cannot express to you my disappointment in ellis faas' creamy lips.

First, I originally heard of this through goss' youtube page - where he mention's how this line has "the perfect red."  So, I went to Ellis Faas' website, loved the color but not the price ($35US /25Euro), and passed.  About a month or so later, I discovered YSL's glossy stains (review here).  Once I justified the purchase price of the YSL GS, and still on the quest for the perfect red, I was able to justify the purchase price of the EF gloss.  So, the other day, while on Sephora's website, I saw they offered EF (this is new to Sephora, by the way), and ended up purchasing one.

I did a little research, decided on the shade & finish because I wanted something that wouldn't dry out my lips.  The shade is basically a universal vamp red.  L201.  It looks berry-ish on the applicator, but is just the perfect dark red. The formula is supposed to be creamy, opaque, and glossy without drying out your lips - it is.  This formula (Creamy Lips) has an applicator like a brush, so, first time, a lot gets wasted while you're priming the tube - not really a huge deal, all the lip products with a brush like this have the same issue. (The glob on the tissue is how much extra came out).  

So, my issue comes from me being spoiled by YSL.  The color of L201 is beeaauuttiiifffuuul. But, the staying power is non-existant.  Basically, if you put a fair amount on (to get the perfect color you've been dreaming of you're entire life) you can't move your mouth at all without it sliding off, and even worse, no stain is left behind.  So, I tried putting less on - the color was nothing exceptional. And even then, it wiped off completely too easily.  I just can't do it.  Can't justify the price for a great color that won't stay on long enough for anyone to see it.  I'm returning it.

PS: the packaging is pretty cool though - a thin silver bullet.