Sunday, August 26, 2012

List of Previous Friends and Family Sales

I've been clearing out my closet lately and in doing that (and with the whole "having fewer items of higher quality, that will be timeless" thing I've been on), I'm really looking forward to picking up a few things.

I have my (online) shopping bags waiting for Friend & Family sales, so I've done some online research for the prior history of F&F Sales at some of my favorite retailers.  These sales usually offer 20% off almost everything.  In case the past truly is indicative of what's to come in the future, I share with you:

Bloomingdales: End of March & End of September. 15% off early sept
Bergdorf Goodman: June (a sale, not a F&F)
Macy's: End of April & End of November
MyTheresa: August (but be advised, sometimes their prices are higher than other online retailers)
Neiman Marcus: Nope. But they do 'gift card' events (March,  [weekenders: Apr & May] August, Sep & [weekender: oct])
          Double Gift Card Event 16-19SEP (online only)
          Beauty Week 4SEP
          Last Call by NM has F&F Sales: End of March, Early December
Net-A-Porter: Nope. But big Semi-Annual sales: End of May & (?) and Seasonal Sales
Nordstrom: Nope. But 1/2 yearly (Mid Jun & End of Oct) & Anniversary Sales (End of July) are big.
(The) Outnet: Mid November  (and a birthday sale in April - SUPER sale. I mean that in everything is $3/however many years old they are - in dollars)
Saks 5th Avenue: End of April, Mid/End of October
Sephora: End of Apr/Early May & End of October (VIB discounts @ end of March, November - less  off than F&F)
ShopBop: Mid April & Mid October
Gap/Banana Republic/Piperlime: Mid March & Mid Nov

Or, chronologically:

March: Bloomies (VIB discount Sephora - usually less than F&F), Gap/BR/Piperlime
April: Macys, Outnet, Saks, Sephora
May: (late Apr) Sephora
June: June
July: Nordstrom Anniv.
Aug: MyTheresa
Sep: Bloomies
Oct: Saks, Sephora
Nov: Macys, Outnet, Gap/BR/Piperlime

If you know of any more, please comment & I will add.

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