Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discount Online Shopping

Yes, I get it.  I'm supposed to be 'not shopping as much.'  But, I have to be honest, I still do sometimes.  That said, I AM still trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have & build a capsule (-esque) wardrobe.  So, I'm looking for high-quality staples... and not interested in spending original retail for most of it.  Actually, I almost NEVER pay full price for stuff.  And I've found usually I can save the most by shopping online.  So, sometimes I'll try something on in a store, or find an item I like in the store... and (on the spot) use my phone to see if I can get it for less online.  Usually I can.  In fact, I RARELY buy something before comparison shopping.

- First, I always check my 'cash back' site to see if I can get any money back through them.  These sites work in that you set up an account, then you search for whatever store you're going to be shopping at & click the link. Then buy through that link.  To make sure I'm getting the money back (I get distracted looking @ products in new windows)... what I do is get my whole cart together at a website.   THEN, when I'm absolutely sure I'm ready to check out, I go through Mr. Rebates to actually make my purchase.  The % back does NOT come off your purchase directly, instead will show up in your Mr. Rebates account 90 days later.  Then you can request a paypal deposit (or check mailed to you).  In about 2 years, I've received over $600 back (!).  I used to comparison shop here too (checking ebates to see if they offer a higher percentage back).  But ebates was a let down for me,  they rarely offered as much rebate.  In 2 years I earned less than $2 at ebates, so I just closed that account down.

- Also, the other thing I do EVERY TIME I shop. I google for coupons.  Usually, I find them at
RetailMeNot, Dealigg or CouponCabin.  RMN is my favorite, it's the most esthetically pleasing.

- I check these flash sale sites daily: (In Order To keep on my 'limited shopping', I will ONLY buy what I already have on my 'list' no matter HOW great a deal is... it can be hard to not get carried away by the sale).  There are others, but I've found these two to have higher-end items.
My Habit

HauteLook is also good sometimes, but they're kind of hit/miss - so I don't check them all the time.
Bluefly has some good deals sometimes too, but you have to sign up for their (millions of) emails, to get the best deals.  And with their ever-changing promotions, prices can fluctuate by up to 30% daily.

- And, the 'sale' section (which is not up year round) of SSense has yielded some AWESOME deals on high end & designer stuff.

**NOTE: regarding many of the shopping site links, I'm getting referral credit if you sign up through my links **

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