Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mac Pro Scuplting Cream

I'm not normally one to be a slave to MAC's releases, but I happened to stumble across their Face and Body release last week.
I ordered 2 pro-sculpting creams (then later picked up a 3rd at the store), and the 163 brush.

The 3 PSC's that I got were Copper Beech, Coffee Walnut, and Richly Honed.
Copper Beech is a very yellow/orangy based color.
Coffee Walnut is more of a green based brown
Richly honed looks somehow like a red based brown with yellow (?)
Supposedly these dry to a powder finish.

I was torn about which colors to get because I also have a Cover FX 'kit' that has several different color browns that I could use for contouring.  But I managed to convince myself I 'needed' these MAC ones because they dried to a powder finish - which will look better on my oily skin.

For reference, the skin on my wrist is about NC42.

Here are the swatches of the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams:
(Richly Honed, Coffee Walnut, Copper Beech)

Here they are again, with the comparable Cover FX creams swatched in between.  There were only 2 comprables in the Cover Fx kit.  I didn't bother comparision swatching the yellow one (which I believe to be B0).  The two that I did swatch were (what I believe to be): B25, B45. Unfortunately when you get this Cover FX kit, they don't label the colors of the cream foundations included :(
(As swatched on arm, left to right: Richly Honed, Cover FX B25, Coffee Walnut, Cover FX B45, Copper Beech

I then blended them out lightly with the brush, so you can see how they blend.  I'm sure they could have been blended out much more sheerly.

In my opinion, if you already have the Cover FX kit in B, you don't need the MAC in Copper Beech - the 2 colors I swatched could be blended to make the perfect dupe for CB.  The other 2 colors: Coffee Walnut (more 'ashen' undertone) and Richly Honed (more brick-red undertone) are not found in the Color FX kit.

Then, I waited 20 minutes to see if there was a difference in the finish (you know how the MAC's suppposedly dry-to-powder-finish...) there was no difference in finish (I didn't powder them).  So, I wiped them a few times with a dry paper towel to see if there was a difference in staying power.  Here were my results:

I purchased all these products myself.
You can purchase the Cover FX kit for $75 in several shade options from either Sephora or the (skinstore usually has specials.  If they're not currently having a special, use the code: SSM76001 to save 10%).  The brushes in the two kits are different, but honestly after getting the kit from Sephora specifically for that brush.  It makes no difference, I have to use a sponge to put on their cream foundations.

You can purchase the MAC products on their website, or in a store near you.

About the CoverFX kits (the middle color is the biggest portion):
(Note: NC42 is an M80 in Cover FX.  In the summer when I'm tan in my face, I wear B15.)
 * B Series - shades of golden brown to ebony (contains B0, B25, B45)
* C Series - shades with primarily pink undertones. (contains C10, C40, C80)
* E Series - shades with a balance of pink and yellow. (contains E0, E30, E80)
* M Series - shades with yellow and/or olive undertones. (contains M20, M40, M80)

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