Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Day & My Goodies

I'm going to try to figure out how to make it so you can CLICK HERE TO SKIP TO THE BEAUTY RELATED PORTION OF THIS ENTRY.  Until I learn to do that - skip to the 3rd paragraph if you're not interested in the extra.

I just flew from Australia (Awesome!) to California (long ride) today & during that time I finished a book called:  Bait And Switch (The [futile] Pursuit of the American Dream, By Barbara Ehrenreich.  It was an interesting look at the troubles a mid-life, formerly white collar, unemployed person can face when attempting to regain employment at a level near their previous job.  Pretty grim outlook, but has some stuff that's doesn't feel like was a total waste of your time reading (tips from 'job coaches', how to 'network' etc.).  Made me really appreciate my job.

Overall, pretty depressing, but 1 book down from my HUGE lot of books that I'm reading to clear out my (already sold) book cases.  My books are currently in stacks in my room & boxes in my living room.  I recently moved from a large(r) apartment into a small one (with minimal storage) and realized the need to downsize my stuff along with my space.  I had a bunch of oversized furniture (most, I sold), and stuff to fill that furniture.  In the past month, I've taken about 4 car loads of clothes, household items, linens, shoes and the like to Plato's Closet and good will.  All of it has been in VERY good shape.  I've netted about $200.  Donated a Ton and cleared out a lot.  I will continue to do so until I'm comfortable having company over my house (I've got a lot of work to do). 
Anyways, one of my goals for the next few days is to finish going through my books & seperating them into books to donate now, books to read before donating, and books to keep.  If you're interested in a particular type of non-fiction or self-help book, let me know & if I have them, I'll send you a message before donating them.  You pay media-mail shipping & you can have them for (otherwise) free.  I'm not selling makeup books or photography books BTW.

So, after all that, on to the beauty related portion:  I'm trying my hardest to send at least as much out of my house as I bring in. BUUUTTT I went on a nail polish shopping spree just before I left on vacation.  When I returned, I had some pretties from Lynderella:  All Hallow's Eve, Gotta Love Brains, Snow Angel, Connect the Dots, and Shape Shifter.  I couldn't wait to try them so I painted 2 coats of Butter London's Wallis (my first time using, I ordered this in hopes of finding a dupe of one of my all-time-favorites (A no name I picked up for 1 Euro in Rome) & did two different ring finger blings.  BTW, BL isn't the dupe I want it to be, but I don't have anything else like it so I kept it).  

On the 12th (when I go pick up my pre-order), I'll get a comparison swatch up against Dior's Holiday 2011 Polish - Exquis #611.  Let me know if you want anything else swatched.

Here is the ring finger with 2 Coats of AHE atop 1 coat of Wallis and topped with 1 coat Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top Coat.  Finish is still a bit rough (Another Coat of TC would do nicely).  I probably would rather the green glitters over a green or blue base, but overall, application was easy & I like the glitter coverage with only 2 coats.  I've decided this will be in my Holiday Section (helloooo Christmas and St Patricks Day)

On the other hand, I used Connect the Dots (in the same layering order).  I can't WAIT to use this polish over a ton of other colors & it will probably be a ring finger topper for the next month, at least :)  Application was pretty easy.  This was first time using bar glitter & it wasn't hard at all.  Notable: 1 coat of top coat makes the surface a bit smoother than the 1 coat on AHE. 

I can be honest that the color coordination could have been better & showcasing these new Lynnderella's against Wallis is probably not the best, but on thier own - they're pretty friggen awesome.  I can't wait to play with them some more (and maybe try a gold microglitter on Wallis instead).   AHE (and more-so CTD) made up for me figuring out that Nail's Inc Belagrave Place is a near dupe for Zoya's Pinta (post to follow this weekend). 
I'm still waiting on an order from A-England.  Those will be fun to try too.

Just a warning, my work place is superstrict on nail colors so expect the week day postings to be neutrals (unless it's a holiday), and the weekends to be more fun. & add all those apologies about the condition of my nails & cuticles, and lack of photography skills, and crappy lighting.  Look - this was the best I could do in the time that I had.  And I can barely hold a camera in my left hand, much less hold it still while taking a picture. 

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All photos taken indoors with fluorescent lighting. 

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