Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Starter Post

Hi everyone!
I created this blog because I realized I have an obsession with a ton of things mainly related to accumulating a lot of STUFF.  Most of that 'stuff' is related to beauty (Makeup, Nail & Skincare) and Fashion.... and who into those things doesn't want to hear from other's interested in the same ;).
So, here it is. Yet another blog attempting dry humor while showing pictures and getting off topic.


PS: the blog title came from my (near constant web browsing) & stumbling across Amazon book about too much clutter (Story of my Apartment - more on that later).  I realizing that my random crap & love of 'things' (material objects) are basically me filling a void in my life.  I'm not going to unload psychologically on ya'll, but until that void is filled, I'm gong to embrace & heart my stuff dearly, damnit!

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