Sunday, November 20, 2011

wow a week off - what to expect this week

What a crappy way to start a blog - taking a week off straight off the bat?
This is what happened while I've been gone, expect posts about it all this week (though not necessarily in this order):  

1)  I picked up a super small pre-order haul from my local Macy's Dior counter: Nail Polish, Top Coat & Mascara.  And I got a cute little GWP (do they normally do this?) - expect details, pictures & reviews this week.
2)  I got some of mini orders from Sephora's F&F sales: Cover FX foundation, Cover FX anti-acne kit, Diro Polish
3)  Got my Dior polish from their website.  Remember, those summer duo's they had with the bright pink or bright orange + top coat?  The Orange one is still available on their website.  And you get free shipping with ANY PURCHASE with the code: DONNA2011  (this is supposed to expire Dec31st).  I didn't realize THIS until I'd already purchased the top coat in store, but I really wanted the summer color, so - got both :(
4)  Christmas Gifts Haul at BBW (in store) & online (for me).
5)  My eyebrows are looking a LOT better.
6)  Saw this cute jacket at Marshalls.  

To me, it's Chanel Inspired.  I like it.  It's $80, and if I recall correctly, it's by Vince Camuto.

7)  I'm doing AWESOME at decluttering my house (this is a big deal for me)... I'll do a post on this alone & will title it appropriately so you who are only interested in beauty stuff don't have to read personal stuff.

Hope your week was good.
Talk to you tomorrow.

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